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..Switch Off Fossil Fuels

Switch Off Fossil Fuels. Now.

A time of change – The energy revolution is changing the way we generate and use electricity, and other types of energy..

The old way of generating electricity will soon be over..electricity is generated now  in fossil-fuel burning, central, large power stations and then transported  by power lines to the point of consumption..

..decarbonize..The new way to get electricity into households and business is by generating it at or near the point of consumption..and generating it renewably, not from co2-releasing fossil fuels but from solar, wind and hydro installations..

..of UK’s 21 electricity-supply utilities only one, Good Energy, has an official Fuel Mix showing supply of “100% clean and green” electricity..

..decentralize.. Some electricity will still be generated in large installations such as offshore wind turbines, but a great part will be provided by solar pv generated electricity installed at the point of consumption..on the rooftop of the consumer !

No wastage of energy, no security of supply concerns, significant cost savings..a revolution, and it’s happening now..

Be sure to be a part of this time of change..Switch Off Fossil Fuels. Now.