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Reduce your carbon footprint

The home's carbon emissions

Carbon emissions from your Lifestyle – Home, Transport and Holidays

Knowing your carbon footprint helps you understand your impact on the environment – and, more importantly, find easy ways to reduce that impact

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere because of the electricity and fuel you use. It’s measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2)..

The UK produces some 500 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. Some of this is produced by business and industry – but around 27% comes directly from household energy use.

Take 2 tons off your carbon footprint .. The average UK household’s carbon footprint is 12 tons/year..Energy use in the home accounts for around 4.5 tonnes per household, and that’s not  including emissions from the household’s transport usage -it’s just the home itself..

Your household’s carbon footprint mostly depends on:

  • how much energy you use to heat your home
  • the electronics and appliances you use
  • what kind of transport you use day-to-day
  • how often you fly

The UK is obliged under the terms of  the international agreements to which it has signed up  to reduce UK’s carbon dioxide emissions by 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050. To help make that happen, each UK household needs to work towards a reduction of 2 tons in its  carbon footprint

Ways to reduce your household’s carbon footprint