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Isle Valley Community Energy CIC

Isle Valley Community Energy CIC
To many citizens it is clear now that in the coming years communities themselves will have to take on more projects that care for and develop a local community’s infrastructure and development.

It is no longer going to be sufficient to rely on a Local Authority, they say, because of resource restrictions, to undertake necessary projects for their local area to any greater extent than they are statutorily obliged to do..Yet, there continues to be changes in the needs of citizens, both for themselves and their households and for the local community in which they live.

A community-based social enterprise can serve as an entity to carry out and progress many necessary projects that would otherwise probably never happen.
Types of those projects include, among others, transport, energy use in the home and sustainability of food supply.
The Isle Valley Community Energy CIC is in formation in the market town of Ilminster, South Somerset to undertake projects in the home energy area, and is embarking on an energy-efficiency and renewable energy initiative in January 2015 to enable households in the Isle Valley area to reduce their energy bills, increase their comfort and well-being and to reduce their carbon footprint, looking at the same time as being able to assist households to also assist the Local Authority to meet its 2016 carbon emission reduction quota.