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EV Meet 2015 – Ilminster June 14

..Come along to the EV Meet at the Classic Vehicle Show.
..14 June, Ilminster, Somerset..
EV owners will show the Nissan Leaf, the Tesla, and other popular
electric family saloons and will be happy to chat

about their cars and their views about EV driving and its future…

Today’s Electric Vehicles –   Future Classic Vehicles ?

The Age of EV is here..the end of the I C E* Age is near !

Come along and celebrate it at the:

EV Meet at the Classic Vehicle Show

at the

Ilminster Midsummer Experience, Ilminster

Sunday morning 14 June 2015

All EV owners welcome to bring their car and

take part in the Meet, entry is free….

..kindly help the arrangements by pre-registering your name for a Meet space..      Please reserve me a space at the Ilminster Classic Vehicle Show on Sunday 14th June 2015

Charge point available for visiting EV’s

Entry open to all, free, Refreshments available

(PV) + (EV) = (-CO2) ..the winning formula

for reducing your household’s carbon emissions..

If you already have PV on your home or are considering it,

find out at the EV Meet  how to use PV

to power your EV and get zero fuel costs

while reducing your carbon footprint

ICE = *Internal Combustion Engine