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Introduction to Home Energy Essentials

Home Energy Essentials

Introduction to Home Energy Essentials takes place at frequent 2-hr and 4-hr Workshops in Ilminster and in Chard, Somerset.   Workshops can also be arranged at other venues

The Energy Essentials workshops are open to all, free to attend for members of community groups and householders. The Workshops are available as :

2-hour evening Workshop …for householders wishing to get an understanding of what makes their homes work best so as to ensure cost-efficient use of energy

4-hour afternoon Workshop ..volunteers looking to increase their understanding of how to guide householders to reduce their energy costs and their carbon footprint, and to promote sustainable energy and support members of their community to live in healthy, warm homes together with reduced carbon emissions

The Centre for Sustainable Energy, Bristol, coordinators of the workshops,says:

“We want to help inform and inspire local residents  to engage people to save energy, generate renewable power, reduce carbon emissions and  tackle fuel poverty. We know from behavioural research and experience that people are more likely to change their behaviour – both at home and work – if they receive advice from someone local; a person they know, trust and can relate to. That’s why we’re linking volunteers within communities, workplaces and organisations, and creating opportunities for them to raise awareness and encourage action on energy issues.”

Topics covered include low carbon retrofitting, smart meter roll out, affordable warmth, energy-efficiency in the home,  and renewable energy. For details of upcoming Workshop dates please email