Big Energy Savings Week – Citizens Advice – 26 October / 1 Nov

Big Energy Saving Week

Mon 26 Oct  – Sun 1 Nov 2015

The BESW Launch event on 25th September saw the start of four weeks of activities leading up to the Citizens Advice’s Big Energy Saving Week on the 26th of October

This year, 2015, the CAB BESW campaign, Check, Switch, Save, will be coordinated across the SouthWest by Citizens Advice Plymouth, LocalGen (based at the Home Energy Centre, Ilminster) in Somerset and Cornwall Community Council.
..In Somerset,other entities will also act as information hubs, including Transition groups, holding events and activities in the run up and during the Week and through out Somerset among  those entities

The campaign will help householders across the UK reduce their energy bills by checking they are on the best deal, switching tariff or supplier and saving energy by taking control of their heating and electricity. Free advice is available throughout the week over the phone, online and at events across the UK

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The key message to householders during Big Energy Saving Week is to

Check, Switch and Save..

Check that you are not paying too much for your fuel. Simple changes like paying by direct debit and switching to online bills rather than paper copies can save up to £100 each year altogether. Also make sure if you are on a low income that you receive the appropriate money to cover your bills. Cold Weather Payments in winter and the Winter Fuel Allowance for pensioners can go a long way towards making fuel more affordable.  If you are having difficulties paying your bill you may be eligible for a grant to help.

Check your meter regularly to make sure you are paying the right amount.  If estimates are being used, you could be due a significant refund, or you may be building up arrears on your account without realising it.

Check a prepayment meter regularly throughout the year..16% of households have a prepayment meter and this is set to rise significantly.  15% of prepayment meter customers have self-disconnected at some point.

Switching providers could save you money.  Energy suppliers are legally required to inform you if they have a tariff that would be cheaper for you, but other companies could be cheaper. If you have never switched before then this could save up to £200 each year. If you heat your home with oil, consider joining an oil-club to save money by purchasing in bulk with others.

Saving energy is the easiest way to cut down on costs and emissions.  Turning things off when you are not using them and only heating your house when you are there can save up to £130 each year and 500kg of CO2.  A lot of heat escapes through the walls and the roof, so better insulation could save £320 every year, and reduce carbon emissions by 1.3 tonnes.

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