Warmer Chard & Villages project is under way

Warmer Chard & Villages provides householders with free advice and information, together with materials, to reduce their heating costs by stopping heat loss through draughts  and doors/walls

Householders can also receive a review of their energy usage to ensure the most efficient use of their electricity and gas

The Home Energy Centre Chard,with coordination through HEC Ilminster, is working with the Centre for Sustainable Energy, Bristol, supported with funding from South Somerset District Council, to provide free information and advice about energy-efficiency measures  to householders in Chard and surrounding villages..

It is an area identified as having a higher proportion of poverty and deprivation, compared with other areas of South Somerset, according to the indices of multiple deprivation and having a particular need for energy advice services due to pockets of high fuel poverty, as a result of:

  1. A need for greater understanding around energy use and costs
  2. Rising energy bills (particularly many of the surrounding villages without mains gas, relying instead on more expensive options to heat their homes, such as LPG or night storage heaters.
  3. High proportion of older populations who are more susceptible to cold and damp homes. Cold homes can contribute to excess winter deaths, cardio-vascular disease, depression, arthritis and rheumatism, it affects dexterity, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries in the home.
  4. Higher proportion of older properties, solid walled properties, which are typically £300/year more expensive to heat than homes with more modern cavity-wall insulated homes.

The project will run initially until March 2017 , looking to reach 1,000 households in the area. Householders can receive assistance by contacting the Home Energy Centre on:

m 0751 8037458       email hec@localgen.org.uk       Facebook homeenergycentre


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